Collaborative robot

Collaborative robot Lean Training

A unique software approach
What makes a collaborative robot smart? It’s the software. Intera is designed to bring the power of robotics into the hands of manufacturers trying to solve real world problems on the factory floor. Our user interface is unlike anything on the market today.

Easy to Train
Not just easy, “stupid simple” according to our customers. The Intera software platform provides a train by demonstration experience unlike any other – the robot can be trained by simply moving its arm and demonstrating the movements.

Data Insights
Intera Insights provides critical production metrics directly on the robot, displaying key performance indicators (KPIs) such as part counts, cycle times, speed and signals, and making them accessible on the factory floor in real time.

Fast to Deploy
Rethink is redefining the speed with which manufacturers can effectively deploy automation. Our software-driven robots, gripper kits and vision systems, combined with world class customer support, expedite successful deployments.

Embedded and External Vision
Our robots may have eyes, but it’s the embedded cameras that give them their vision. With no additional hardware, software or integration costs, the robot can perform complex vision tasks. Or in-house vision systems can be seamlessly integrated.

Force Sensing
Leveraging titanium flexures in each joint, the robots precisely set the amount of force required, and respond to specific force, so they can make adaptive decisions while running a task. This innovation speeds up user training and robot deployment.

Safety, by Design
Our robots were built from the start to work safely next to people, without caging. In addition to being power and force limited, series elastic actuators on each joint minimize contact force. They have been certified to meet ISO requirements.

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