IoT Training Roadmaps

IoT Industry 4.0 Training

IoT and Industry 4.0 represent a broad range of topics. Further, depending on the application field and scope, the focus and concept may change. We are therefore offering a modular approach to the training, so that upon a preliminary discussion with a customer, it is possible to develop the most beneficial roadmap of sessions that meet the management and trainees expectation. Furthermore, many topics (wherever applicable) are represented on the floor in independent stations. So even the out of scope topics are still accessible and allow for an ad-hoc approach. While most of these stations are technology focused (Node-Red, Sensors, etc.), a heavy focus is also put on Lean aspects, which is one of the pillars of a successful IoT implementation.

A station or a topic is typically associated to a training module. A specific sequence of modules represent an IoT training roadmap. As discussed above, the selection of modules or the length of the training can be determined by customer.

Another very important aspect that we are attempting to convey is that IoT does also have a place in a heterogeneous environments, meaning even in plants that use different production technologies, different machine vendors and manual assembly processes or old technologies.

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